All about Angi Nicole Black

All about Angi Nicole Black

What I write -

I write New Adult, Adult and Smexy books.

What I do -

I teach dance and theater. I write all the words. I mom. I create. I bake treats to buy the affections of those I love. I volunteer. I art. I sing frequently and belt out random showtunes. I edit your books nd make them shine.

Who I am -

I'm a green-up-the-Earth kinda girl. I love to be outside but hate to camp. I'm loyal to a fault and my friends are my family. So don't mess with 'em, ya hear? I love to make people smile and laugh and although I don't mind being center-of-attention, I really like to stay home in my beloved sweat pants. But that's probably just the writer in me.

Stuff to know -

I love music and donuts. I'm Team Damon and my muse is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gene Kelley. Whedonite. Coffee. Ambassador of Awesome. Bourbon. Beatles. Zeppelin. Mraz. Queen of useless trivial knowledge. Betty White is my spirit animal. My patronus is a chorus of back-up dancers singing Don't Rain on my Parade or possibly a wobbly toddler who just discovered their fingers.