Be Awesome by the Weekend

Monday - Buy an indie book. Indies are cool. And thereby, you owning it, makes you cool. Now, read it.

Tuesday - Load your iPod with indie music. While it's syncing, watch John Green videos to learn how to properly nerd but keep a cool hipster edge.

Wednesday - Buy Chucks. Immediately step in a puddle to "age" them. Yes. Smell is an "age".

Thursday - Make plans for the weekend, but only invite yourself. Then when you cancel because your time has more valubale uses than getting dressed up to go out and impress other people, you know, like watching the Pioneer Woman marathon, you won't be guilt-tripped by anyone. And you can pop on Twitter and tell them about the big plans you almost had. And how much you love your sweatpants. (And be adored for it.)

Friday - Eat a macaron, or ten. Even better if you can mainline them while watching an entire series of television on Netflix since you skipped work today. While on your sugar high, write all the words with #writeclub.

See? Don't you feel awesome? I know I do.