Books and Projects

What I Write

I write New Adult, Adult and Erotic Romance. I love slow-burn romance and hot, steamy kisses...among other things. I love the day-to-day things that make romance and relationships real. I write in a realistic style, and while I root for the happy ending, my characters don't always oblige. My books will make you laugh and cry and hopefully, you'll wanna be friends with my characters. 

I write across several genres from romance to thriller to historical. I just really love a good story. I'm currently on an exclusive R&R with a dream agent.I have many more WIPs and finished MS that only need revision.


  • Drawn To You

    My debut NA novel comes out February 23. Shy Ellie Baylor goes away to college in an attempt to escape her overbearing and zealously religious parents. In between dodging their daily phone call and lugging her oversized art portfolio across campus, she manages to be happy, mostly by avoiding any kind of social interaction. Then she meets River Daniels, the hot guy she's secretly been ogling in her art classes. River is understanding and sexy, and their connection quickly grows. However, a lifetime of listening to her parents has left Ellie uncertain not only about herself, but her relationship with River. Their blatant disapproval of River and her choices leave Ellie with the hardest choice she's ever faced- her parents' approval or the love of her life.
  • Learning Curve- a NA series

    It's a NA novel about a student teacher, James, who's a little straight laced and the woman, Ivy, whom he meets while she's serving Community Service. She rocks his world. She's a twin to an autistic brother. She thinks she knows who she is, never guessing that James will turn her existence upside down faster that that cop's world that she knocked off her Segway.
  • Life After Death- an Adult novel

    My current WIP is adult fiction. Casey, a Marine's widow and Mark, a father of four days who lost his wife in childbirth, meet at the Loss Of Spouse support group. Mark wears his heart on his sleeve. Estranged from his mom, his wife, Nikki, was all he had. Now he has Chloe, his beautiful baby girl, and no clue what to do. Casey is closed off since Ryan was killed in action. it's not until she meets Mark that she begins to feel. The two form an unlikely friendship that has the possibility to turn into more. But can Casey come to grip with her feelings and are Mark's real, or just a bandage on his fresh wounds? A lot can happen when you get a second chance to live. If only you're brave enough to take the risk.
  • A super-secret project

    Okay, can you keep a secret?? Me too! Hint: nothing is what it seems.
  • A taste of my work

    The gavel banged. A long black sleeve swiped the papers off the stack. The judge shuffled them back into place, shaking them one direction then clacking them against the bench in the other. I snapped my gum loudly. A white raised eyebrow met me. “Young lady, do you understand you’re in serious trouble here?” I leaned back and slunk down in the chair, stretching out my legs so far my best friend’s beat-up black Doc Marten boots stuck out the other side. I’d borrowed them to complete the I-don’t-give-a-damn look. I crossed my ankles and laced my fingers over my stomach. “Yep.” “Well, this is not your first offense, so legally I could put you in jail.” I stayed in my position, smacking my gum. “But seeing as none of the offenses are really that serious, I’m going to recommend community service.” “Great. Thanks, Pops.” I stood up. My lawyer spoke. “I’m sorry, Your Honor.” Your Honor wasn’t listening. “Ivy. Sit down.” I looked at the judge for the first time really. Honorable Jim Todd. I’d always been suspect of men with two first names with one masquerading as a last name, but something in his look made me do as he requested. “You have been coming into my courtroom since you were fifteen years old. I’d hoped by now, seven years down the road, you’d have learned your lesson. This is the last time I cut you a break. One mark against this parole and you will do some time. Is that understood?” I nodded. “Yes, sir.” “Now, I recommend forty hours of community service and ten hours of anger management therapy.” “I’m not seeing a shrink.” He smirked. “It’s a meeting. Like AA, but for angry people. You go in, sit down, tell them what you did and then you all talk about why you did it and why you shouldn’t do it again.” I rolled my eyes. “Sounds…really helpful.” “If you don’t complete the hours or fail to show, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. You will be on probation for a year. Any incidents or outbursts—“ “Wait. A warrant? For my arrest?” I fluttered my eyelids to complete the mockery. “Ivy Cole. You’re trying my patience. But you’re free to go.” A loud bang echoed through the carpeted room and bounced off the paneled walls as his gavel banged down. The court-appointed lawyer turned to me, her brown hair slicked back in an unfortunate ponytail. Her gray suit didn’t quite fit right. I guessed she got it on sale somewhere because she wore cheap shoes, hence the poor fit. When you grew up with money, you noticed this kind of crap. “Anywhere you’d like to serve your hours? I can make a request. It’s not guaranteed, but the judge usually approves it because they want people to finish the community service.” “You mean because my father gives lots of money to the right people?” She pushed the manila folders into a leather satchel. “That’s not totally untrue.” I thought for a minute. “I might have a few ideas.”